Leading for peak performance

20 January 2017

In a previous blog post I focused on what anyone can do to increase positivity in order to boost productivity. In this post I approach the question of how to really excel.


How can we reach our full potential? How can we lead ourselves and others for the peak level of performance and flow that many companies so desperately need?



by Pernilla Gripenberg

2016 - A year of new initiatives at Hanken & SSE Executive Education

21 December 2016

The past year at Hanken & SSE Executive Education has been lively and interesting, with many new initiatives, both together with old and new customers. With the end of yet another successful year approaching, we can summarize that our focus in 2016 has been on tailored in-company solutions and process flows for a diverse range of customers. We continue to support our customers in defining, cascading and executing their strategic priorities in their growth and renewal projects as well as in leadership and talent development.


by Sari Salojärvi

Digitalization requires unlearning

30 November 2016

- The game rules changed – can your company cope?


Mauro Berruto, the Italian Olympic medal-winning former Volleyball coach once said “When the rules of the game change, new individuals rise to become top team players.” For instance, when the quick substitution rule was introduced in 2008, it changed the dynamics of team play as a team could react quicker to changes in the game. In addition, new players became the stars in the team.


by Patrick Furu

A will to integrate

25 October 2016

– the Program Director´s experiences from the Business Lead 2016 Program

Last spring Hanken & SSE Executive Education ventured out on a completely new path. We wanted to contribute to the influx of migrants into Europe and launched a completely new initiative – the integration program Business Lead 2016. Our aim was to enable our client and partner companies to broaden and diversify their workforce and bring them together with English speaking professionals with the right skillset for them, while helping integrating educated asylum seekers into European working life.


by Pernilla Gripenberg