Intuitive decision-making: dare to trust your gut feeling

26 February 2018

by Pernilla Gripenberg

What occurs when people seemingly effortlessly and quickly arrive at an intuitive solution to a complex problem? Or just instantly know what to do or how to act, like Warren Buffet in an investor situation or Gary Kasparov faced with a chess problem?



How to be one step ahead - 3 tactics leaders of tomorrow apply

30 January 2018

by Patrick Furu

Open any business magazine today and the words digital disruption will hit you immediately. By now everyone has read and heard how digitalisation, globalisation and other trends are radically transforming our way of doing things. Some companies are still in the process of making sense of what all this means for their industry. The forerunner companies, however, have already taken action even though nobody knows where exactly the disruptive developments will take them.


What the leader of tomorrow needs to know

18 December 2017

by Marc Hinnenberg

We live in a digital and disruptive world where products and services become outdated overnight. Entirely new waves of competition, from start-ups to incumbents, have changed the business landscape. New business models and technologies have not only had an impact on industry-leading companies, but also created new jobs which demand new capabilities and drastically different skill sets from managers – what you used to know will no longer apply. 


Working for an increasingly diverse Finland

28 November 2017

by Swathi Kasoju

 I took part in the integration program Business Lead 2017 offered by Hanken & SSE Executive Education and now as a result I am working for Accenture in Helsinki. I am Swathi Kasoju and this is my story taking me from India to Finland.