Digitalization requires unlearning

30 November 2016

- The game rules changed – can your company cope?


Mauro Berruto, the Italian Olympic medal-winning former Volleyball coach once said “When the rules of the game change, new individuals rise to become top team players.” For instance, when the quick substitution rule was introduced in 2008, it changed the dynamics of team play as a team could react quicker to changes in the game. In addition, new players became the stars in the team.


by Patrick Furu

A will to integrate

25 October 2016

– the Program Director´s experiences from the Business Lead 2016 Program

Last spring Hanken & SSE Executive Education ventured out on a completely new path. We wanted to contribute to the influx of migrants into Europe and launched a completely new initiative – the integration program Business Lead 2016. Our aim was to enable our client and partner companies to broaden and diversify their workforce and bring them together with English speaking professionals with the right skillset for them, while helping integrating educated asylum seekers into European working life.


by Pernilla Gripenberg

How resilient is your organization?

12 October 2016

Strategic resilience – the capability to recover and bounce back when confronted with changes – might be the single most valuable capability individuals, teams, and companies can cultivate to live, deal, and thrive in turbulence. It is an uncertain world, yet opportunities abound. Think of for example past technological advancements, such as digitalization, that have disrupted industries from health care and education to telecom and media. Yet, these very advancements have enabled new wealth to be created as platforms mould industries into interconnected ecosystems. Still, we can only imagine what business impact blockchain, let alone technological singularity might have or what business in a post-growth society might look like. Given these and things we can’t even yet envision, what could be more important than the capability to be anticipative and reactive toward changes, not for the sake of survival but in order to evolve?


by Kati Järvi

Turning the economic uncertainty in Russia into an opportunity

30 August 2016

It is not a secret that the Russian economy is not producing optimistic news lately. Falling oil prices, international political turmoil, economic sanctions and counter-sanctions and so on. The result is basically a stagnating market that poses challenges to both foreign and domestic companies. Some time ago it was in many respects easier to lead the Russian operations, the market was growing and one had to manage and capitalize on this growth. Now it is different and the saying ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’ comes to mind. With its market size and potential, for many companies Russia should be and is a long-term opportunity. What we are experiencing at the moment is temporary turbulence rather than permanent decline. Still, the times call for serious thinking and rethinking and most of all a fresh approach.


by Peter Zashev