Most wanted: Liquid Leaders

Most wanted: Liquid Leaders

Change will never be as slow as it is today. Industry boundaries are blurring with digitalisation and companies being encouraged to work in ecosystems, where innovation and co-creation create new value. Furthermore, globalisation is enabling cross-border competition and climate change is forcing us to think sustainably.

The volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world is challenging us all. We as leaders need to understand situations and people, and we need to challenge our thinking in order to drive value creation. In other words, we need to become Liquid Leaders who are in charge of our own performance to help others perform, attract the best partners and co-create value for the companies that we work for and the ecosystems that we are involved in.

Have courage and be kind

As leaders we need to learn to cope with less control, trust ourselves and our people. Our performance as Liquid Leaders is driven by higher cognitive skills, such as creativity, critical thinking, decision making, and complex information processing, but also by our social and emotional skills like empathy and vulnerability. Ideally, we create purpose together with our customers and people. We need to give space for learning by unlearning fast, stay sensitive to situations and people around us, have courage to let go of control and above all - be kind.

Embrace gig economy and ecosystem thinking

Along with the technological change and the Millennials entering the workforce, our attitudes towards work are shifting. Instead of seeking stability and long-term employment, employees today are increasingly driven by meaning and experience, and look for flexibility in terms of time, location, people and the companies they work for, often prioritising personal growth and learning.

Liquid Leaders understand that gone are the days when companies public image was defined by corporate communications. They acknowledge that in today’s transparent world, communications is from person to person in social networks. They build learning organisations where people are empowered and trusted. Organisations which foster openness and transparency, where trust is enhanced within the organisation, with customers, ecosystem partners and potential employees alike.

Co-create value for all

Successful companies care for their customers and ensure efficient use of natural resources that are vital to their businesses, they are sensitive to suppliers and the economic impact of the communities in which they produce and sell. With the help of Liquid Leaders successful companies of the future bring business and society back together by redefining their purpose as creating “shared value”- generating economic value in a way that also produces value for society by addressing its challenges.

In the era of open innovation speed is of the essence and the ability to respond to and proactively change might be the only sustainable competitive advantage that companies can develop. Liquid Leaders understand that they are the driving force for change and they dare to empower others, and by doing that they energise the people around them.

Liquid Leaders do. They dare. And they care. Are you geared up to be a Liquid Leader?

Most wanted today are Liquid Leaders and if you would like to be one, contact us at Hanken & SSE and join us on our journey.