What ignites renewal

What ignites renewal

The new Hanken & SSE Executive Education organisation has now been in place for almost a quarter. While preparing for the integration of HRM Partners and Hanken & SSE, we set a goal to support our customer organisations and ensure the impact and execution of development processes through our programmes and development projects. Our new organisation aims to deliver relevant, customised solutions for our customers based on the latest academic knowledge and proven operation models. Another vital aspect is to secure impactful individual learning paths, which has an impact on an organisational level as well.

The importance of the goals we set during the integration has become more significant than we could have guessed a year ago. The need for leadership and competence development is more urgent than ever. Leadership skills, abilities and competencies are vastly different from those that helped companies and individuals to succeed in the past.

Strategy based learning design

As we know, many companies have completely changed their business over the past year. The pandemic has challenged companies to innovate and re-invent their products and services. Giant steps have been taken in creating digital workflows, and what comes to leadership cultures, control has shifted to faith when working location independently. Many organisations are already preparing their path towards the new normal. This time is also an excellent opportunity to redefine the future of work in the organisation and what competencies will be needed. Many companies have already good processes to define strategic competences. Still, it is equally important to recognise what the future of work will look like and what it will require from leadership and the ways of working.

However, organisational renewal takes place only through a change in the skills and activities of individuals. Therefore, it is crucial to respond to the challenges of working life, such as identifying future tasks and roles in the company and ensuring that competencies will be developed accordingly. In many cases, competence development alone is not enough. The needs of reskilling must be identified and supported by learning design, enabling the strategic renewal of the whole organisation.

Impact skills which enable organisational renewal

The big questions are how will we be prepared for a very dynamic future and enable an open and positive climate for creating innovations. Also, everyone's meta-skills or impact skills, not only among the management, are critical in the future but also the ability to work in global teams, diversity, and curiosity towards new technologies, to name a few competencies and impact skills.

The renewal of organisations also provides an excellent opportunity to co-create a strategy and design a strategy process as a collaborative learning process. It also supports strategic resilience, which means that the organisation can adapt to change before it must. Such proactivity requires that a company and the personnel can learn from things that have not yet happened. That ignites renewal.

We co-create dynamic customised development solutions according to the needs of you, your team and your organisation, that directly address your business challenges, get in touch to explore how we can support you in your quest for growth and renewal.

Mari Tasanto


About the author

Mari Tasanto D.Sc. (Admin) is Growth Area Director of Customised Solutions at Hanken & SSE Executive Education.  Mari has more than 10 years of experience in various manager positions and international experience from HRD and talent management positions. She has worked more than 15 years in leadership development and organisational development consulting and training organisations. Mari specialises in strategic capabilities consulting and competence management. She has designed and delivered several talent development programmes internationally. Another focus area is management team development and potential assessment of management teams. She is passionate about continuous learning and organisational renewal and her mission is to support the potential of the organisations as well as individuals.